Friday, 10 November 2017

Introduction by Alan Moore (Obviously, it's not *really* by Alan Moore, but you can't blame a guy for trying.)

ALAN MOORE:1 Hello everybody,  Alan Moore here.1 

I've got to say something to Sian or something?  "Ecanotma" was it? 




Al: Cheers, boss.  

(Special thanks to Tina from the audience.)


1. It's not Alan Moore, I've never even met the man.  It's me pretending to be Alan Moore.  Badly.  Can't get the voice right for a start.  In no way am I claiming that Alan Moore wrote any of the above.  'Alan Moore' (the one on this page) is a fictional creation.  The Alan Moore who lives in the Alan Moore House in Northampton is completely unaware that this blog, (let alone Me and the Him) even exist.2  I'm just pretending to be him because I'm a massive fanboy, have no way of getting in touch with the big guy to ask if he'd write an intro, and this is a lot less hassle than - say - becoming a magician or something twp like that.23

2.  Correct at time of typing.

23.  I started reading up on magick properly and it just sounds like a cross between New Age spirituality and self-help, but with more striding around like you own the place.  Not my scene really. 

Hey ho. 

Al No