Wednesday 23 November 2011

48 (Mostly) Glorious Years

It's the 23rd November 2011 and Doctor Who has reached its forty-eighth birthday.  The series is in stronger health than at almost any time in its history and a new generation of young fans wear their anoraks with pride.  Marvellous news of course - and there's a 23 involved - what more could anyone ask for?

A story so far, you say?  Well, here's one of those then:

As of later on today this blog'll be properly up and running.  First post should be up at 1715.

At the moment the Me and the Him are both quite excited about this, but we haven't reached The Sensorites yet.  

I think it's only fair to raise a glass of ginger ale and toast all the ladies and gentlemen whose efforts over all this time have brought this institution to life week after week (with a bit of a gap) and, ultimately, to within two years of a half-century, a celebration which is going to be something phenomenal, if the rumours I'm spreading have any basis in fact.  

Thanks gang and many happy returns to the BBC's greatest adventure.


Above Top Secret...

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