Tuesday 29 October 2013



What is important is to spread confusion, not eliminate it. 
- Salvador Dali 

If you’ve paid for it, it’s not canon.1 

If it’s animated, it’s not canon.1 

If it’s a spin-off, it’s not canon.2 

If it’s Head Canon, it’s not canon.3 

If it’s audio, it’s not canon.4 

If it’s for Comic Relief, it’s not canon.2 

If it’s for Children in Need, it’s not canon.

If JN-T wrote it, it’s not canon.

If it’s VAM, it’s not canon.5 

If it was typed single-handedly, it’s not canon. 

1.  Except for DVDs, Missing Episode audios or recons. 

2.  Nope, not even Torchwood. 

3.  Even if it’s in my head. 

4.  Except for the The Lost TV Episode CDs. 

5.  Nope, not even Shada.

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