Friday 4 April 2014

Mine's a Double (Choose Your Own Adventure)

You feel rejuvenated.  

The heavy door begins to move.  The ancient, unoiled hinges scream, reverberating around the chamber that you're leaving.  

You stumble into a corridor and are met by three familiar figures: Alan (no relation to Steve) Moore, a box and Adric.  Something doesn't seem quite right.  You look closer.  Alan (no relation to Steve) Moore is unzipping his forehead - you don't remember him doing that before.  Also, the box appears to have been made by someone called Dennis - that can't be right?  In the end, the real clincher isn't how Adric's a lot better-looking than usual - it's the way they're all offering you cake.

You unsheath your weapon...

Do you:

  Attack them all at once?  Click here.

  Attack the 'box' first?  Click here.

  Attack Alan (no relation to Steve) Moore first?  Click here.

  Attack Adric first?  Click here.

  If you manage to slay them all, claim victory and click here.

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