Sunday 24 August 2014

Sir Lee at Rawlings End (Choose Your Own Adventure variant)

You continue to make your way around the wall, turning left at each junction.  Suddenly you find an alcove.  Inside it are three futuristic-looking metal cabinets, decorated with rapidly spinning wheels.  Resting on top of these are two mirrors filled with flashing magickal images, some dark sorcery no doubt.  A quizzical-looking man - a wizard? - stands behind three more similarly enchanted mirrors.  The damp hush fills steadily with a disorientating fugue of chattering voices and screeching.  

You're pinned to the damp turf, unable to move or intervene as a strange metal object falls from the sky and knocks the wizard messily unconscious.  As he slumps forward you feel the glamour lift.  Oddly, the cacophony of voices continues. 

And there's still no cake.

Do you:

   Concentrate on the cacophony?

   Examine the mirrors?

   Examine the wizard's pockets and sleeves?

   Examine the strange metal object?

   Smash the mirrors?

   Go on your way?

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