Thursday 9 April 2015

Epipod Four: The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones' Hat

Everything you can imagine is real.
- Picasso


Computers are stupid.  They can only give you answers.
- Picasso

Me:  I should probably explain why we don’t have show notes.  Hmmm…1 

The sea badger yawns once and then goes back to sleep.

Me:  What’s this one about then?

Him:  Isn’t it more fun to leave it as a surprise?

Me:  For whom?

Him:  For everyone.

Me:  Quite possibly.  Would you like to break the fourth wall?

Him:  We don’t really have one.

Me:  That’s true.  How about offering hints and teasers?

Him:  Um…  Like cryptic crossword clues?

Me:  Love ‘em.  Go on then.

Him:  I knew you were going to say that. 

Me:  Sorry.

Him:  Just so long as you are.

Me:  Constantly.

Him:  Well then.

Me:  Not even a hint?

Him:  I feel there’s a sea badger coming on.

Me:  We’ve already had the sea badger.

Him:  Oh, have we?  That’ll be what the smell is.

Me:  I think you’ll find that’s the pungent reek of The Fog remake.  I can’t shift it.  Tried a match and everything.

Him:  You’re not a fan of that film are you?

Me:  Nope. 

Him:  Just as long as you’re honest.

Me:  That’ll probably do as an introduction.

Him:  Yep, I reckon so.

Me:  Unless you wanted to mention the way we only seem to be doing commentingaries on old shows that're all set in the same universe?

Him:  No.  Didn’t want to say anything about that.  Did you?

Me:  It’s so obvious, it’s probably pointless.

Him:  Okay.

Me:  Lady and gentleman, here’s a thing.

Him:  “I’m the Me.”

Me:  Ha!  “And I’m the Him."

1.  Basically, if you're interested in something we say that you didn't already know, you're more than capable of looking it up for yourself.  Also, no-one reads them.


Kevin Jordan said...

I read them!

Anonymous said...

I read them too, although often felt more confused after them that enlightened, but that's just me.
Also I love the danger kitty, I hope Sanrio make one soon x

Al said...

Me: I slump corrected. Okay, gang - the shownotes'll return... Keep grinning.