Thursday 7 May 2015

Epipod Seven: Flumpire

I don’t really think about the fans. I think about what I want because I’m the guy who’s taking the comic book he read as a kid and turning it into a movie that I want to see as much as I want people to see it. Kevin Feige and I are fanboys, straight up. But we also know that if you just spend your time catering to the fans you make something that is hermetically sealed... 
You need to be thinking about everybody all the time. 

Me:  Ah, okay.  Voyager wasn’t totally the final Doctor Who comic to count.  That was Once Upon a Time Lord.  Which wrapped up the Voyager storyline. 

Him:  I don’t really care.

Me:  Fair enough.

Sea badger cameo.

Him:  What do want?  Some typical Norwegian banter?

Me:  Aye, go on then.

Him:  You’re not getting any.

Me:  What’re we looking at in today’s oddcast?

Him:  I have no idea.

Me:  Excellent.  You really can’t remember?  I did tell you.

Him:  Yeah, but I try my best to push it out of my mind.

Me:  I think you’ll like it. 

Him:  You say that now.

Me:  Ha!  I do.

Him:  Well.

Me:  And we’re off!

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