Monday 1 April 2013

Exciting News Inside, Chums!

An April Ood.1

A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of jokes.
- Wittgenstein

Me:  Well, this is unexpected and exciting.  A ‘double whammy’ if you will.

Him:  Whooo!

Me:  That’s right.  I was branching out into reading websites and listening to podcasts made by other Doctor Who – what are they called?  ‘Whonatics’, or something.  Anyway, there’s a particular podcast called Radio Free Skaro which seems to be quite popular.  Run by some lovely lads from Canadia, I think.  Anyway, imagine my surprise when I realise that they’ve nicked the same version of the theme tune that we-  That we’ve been using.  So, we’ve had to change it really.

Him:  We didn’t nick it.

Me:  No, fair enough.  It was the only one that made us both dance though.

Him:  Yeah!  Dance!

Me:  I best apologise for the Him.  I’m writing this yesterday and he’s just eaten his weight in eggy chocolate.

Him:  1932!  A.M!1

Me:  Right.  So, after a bit of thinking I realised that I had access to a version of the Doctor Who theme that no-one else, whether they be fans or not, would ever have used on anything noticeably linked to Doctor Who.

Him:  Would they have danced to it?

Me:  Doctor Who fans?

Him:  Anybody?

Me:  Statistically speaking…  Yes.  I believe it was popular in small pockets of resistance hidden around Cardiff and select chunks of Wales; parts of America; the more pierced parts of Europe – places like that.  Even Lun Dun.

Him:  That’s a bit prejudiced.

Me:  Yeah, like you would ever say that.  So, imaginary creature, tell the nice lady and gentleman about our special surprise.

The Him makes a noise like a rabbit becoming a slipper.1

Him:  I’d like you to capture that.

Me:  I’ll do my best.  Now then.  The surprise?

Him:  It’s a guest.  A special guest.

Me:  That’s right.  Someone who’s been involved with Doctor Who for longer than you’d think.

Him:  I think I can hear him.  He’s broken out of his box.

Me:  He has indeed.  And there he goes, out the window and back to Cardiff.  Good luck to him.  He’s forgotten his shoes.  Anyway.  Slightly below this is a clicky link that’ll take you to our special present.  Hope you’ve both had a great Easter and enjoyed that new Who last night.  It was certainly a lot better than I was expecting.

Him:  And it even had our special guest in it.  Ha!  That makes it sound like it’s the Maggot of Patience!

Me:  Ho ho ho.  It does indeed.  But we could never afford his appearance fee.  Especially with the Second Effort of The Green Death on the horizon.

Him:  Huwoughooooom!1

Me:  And a Merry Xmas to all of you at home.

1.  I have no idea.

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