Saturday 27 July 2013

Holiday Special (photo-strip edition): Sock or The End of the Socks or The Unquiet Sock or Socks of London or World War Sock or The Long Sock or Father's Sock or The Empty Sock or The Sock Dances or Boom Sock or Bad Sock or The Parting of the Socks or The Christmas Sock or New Sock or Tooth and Sock or Sock Reunion or The Sock in the Fireplace or Sock of the Cybermen or The Sock of Steel or The Idiot's Sock or The Impossible Sock or The Sock Pit or Love & Socks or Sock Her or Army of Socks or Doomsock or The Runaway Sock or Sock and Socks or The Shakespeare Sock or Gridsock or Daleks in Socks or Evolution of the Socks or The Lazarus Sock or Size 42 or Human Sock or The Socks of Blood or The Sound of Socks or Last of the Time Socks or Socks of the Damned or Partners in Socks or The Socks of Pompeii or Planet of the Socks or The Sock Stratagem or The Poison Sock or The Sock's Daughter or The Unicorn and the Sock or Socks in the Library or Forest of the Socks or Left Sock or The Stolen Sock or Sock's End or The Next Sock or Socks of the Dead or The Socks of Mars or The Sock of Time (Parts One and Two) or The Eleventh Sock or The Sock Below or Victory of the Socks or The Time of Socks or Flesh and Sock or The Socks of Venice or Amy's Sock or The Hungry Sock or Cold Sock or Vincent and the Sock or The Sock or The Sock Opens or The Big Sock or A Christmas Sock or The Sock Astronaut or Day of the Sock or The Curse of the Black Sock or The Sock's Wife or The Rebel Sock or The Almost Socks or A Good Sock Goes to War or Let's Sock Hitler or Night Socks or The Sock Who Waited or The Sock Complex or Sock Time or The Socks of River Song or The Doctor, the Widow and the Sock or Asylum of the Socks or Dinosaurs on a Sock or A Town Called Sock or The Power of Socks or The Socks Take Manhattan or The Sockmen or The Socks of Saint John or The Socks of Akhaten or Sock War or Journey to the Centre of the Sock or The Crimson Sock or Nightmare in Socks or The Name of the Socks (1)

He believes implicitly everything the shaman tells him from his trance.  The result must be far more deeply moving and emotionally exhausting than any Wagner opera.
- Colin Wilson2, The Occult


1. Me: Well, you can't say we didn't warn you.

2.The Angry Young One what wrote the novel that Lifeforce was based on but not the one what done drew Rogue Trooper.

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