Friday 21 March 2014

Failed Alien Holidays (Choose Your Own Adventure variant)

It's been a long, boring shift.  You've walked the internal perimeter twelve times in the last three hours and your boots are feeling both heavy and sweaty.  Thoughts of cake, hot, milky tea and cake reverberate annoyingly between your ears.  

Turning a corner, you catch a movement.  To your right, next to the state-of-the-art computer, are three figures.  Muttering "Holy Moses," you raise your rifle and shout an indeterminate vowel.  Two of the figures, Alan Moore and Adric, are cowering; the third, a box, attempts to bled in with the surroundings, a course of action that would probably be more successful in the adjoining box warehouse.

You demand that they turn out their pockets.  Alan Moore drops diamonds and holiday snaps onto the paraquat1 floor, the box growls and Adric's sobbing and blaming everyone else.  Disappointingly, no-one has any cake.  

Do you:

  Look at the holiday snaps?  Click here.

  Talk to the box?  Click here.

  Talk to Alan Moore?  Click here.

  Ask Adric why we ride dinosaurs to school?  Click here.

  Ask Adric why we don't ride dinosaurs to school?  Click here.

  Slay them all and claim victory?  Click here.

1.  There are two conflicting rumours as to why this is.  One states that due to the cutbacks in the BRG's budget the base has had to make do with flooring constructed from UNIT's left-ever materiel - this batch came from Operation Cathedral.  The second, far more likely story, is that someone spelled 'parquet' wrong when arranging the refurbishment and redecoration of the new extension. 

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