Friday 7 March 2014

Haggis, Heather and Whobris (Choose Your Own Adventure variant)

You're on a moor.  It's dark, it's cold and it's wet.  Seriously wet.  Twice as wet as you're used to - that kind of wet.  In the distance you can see an inn.  You take a deep breath and squelch on through the heather.

You reach the inn and push the heavy wooden door open.  Inside is bright, warm and full of bagpiping.  Steam begins to rise from your drenched cagoule.  To the right of the bar, Alan Moore, Adric and a box are feeling the stag.  No-one has any cake.   

Do you:

  Fill the schtag?  Click here.

  Buy the box a pint?  Click here.

  Buy Alan Moore a pint?  Click here.
  Drink Adric's pint?  Click here.

  Slay them all and claim victory?  Click here.
  Learn why 'Culloden' was called 'The Highlanders'? Click here.

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