Sunday 12 July 2015

Series Thirty-Five SDCC Trailer Review(s)

That which has been accepted by everyone, everywhere, is almost certain to be false.
- Paul Valery 

We both make an appearance on the latest edition of the sparkling Who Wars podcast, along with some very fine folk.  This is a slightly longer transcript of what we said.  Go and have a listen, subscribe or what-have-you - it's great.  (And also contains the interview with Colin Baker as carried out by the wonderful Rev.)

Just to spoil the surprise somewhat, the section of Who Wars that we feature in is slightly four-dimensional.  In many ways, it's more of a trailer for reviews than a review of a trailer.  Read into that whatever you like, chums...

Me:  I'm just going to press 'play' and get a reaction.  See what you think of it.  This went live at Comic Con in San Diego, okay?  I won't say anything else.  Have a watch and I'll get your reaction afterwards.  Okay?

'Play' gets pressed and this happens.

Me:  Do you wanna watch it again?

Him:  Do you want to watch it again?

Me:  Let's watch it again.

We watch it again.

Me:  Right, I've got a couple of things I want to show you really quickly and then-

Him:  Ooooo.

Me:  There's this...

Find yourself the shot of the Dalek.  Freeze the playback and check the bottom left of the frame.

Him:  Oh, it's this again.  Dalek.

Me:  Yeah.  What about the Dalek?

Him:  Could just be bad lighting.

Me:  That's definitely an old Dalek.

The Him stares at the sea-badger.  The sea-badger stares right on back.  And that's when the attack comes...

Me:  You know that weird city?

Him:  No.

Me:  There's a-

Him:  I don't try and tear trailers apart, I just watch them.

Me:  Fair enough.  What's your reaction to it?

Him:  You know I don't give reactions to trailers either.

Find the shot of the city.

Him:  That city?  That's the one you're talking about?1 

Me:  Yeah.  Does it remind you of the Dalek city

Him:  The Dalek city's going to be pretty empty right now.

Me:  The original one.  I don't know.  Looks good.  Looks like a model.  Right.  Are you excited about the new series of Doctor Who?

Him:  Sure.

Me:  The, "What took you so long?"  The bit at the end.  Any idea who that might be, or what that might be about?

Him:  Like I said, I don't actually try and think into these things, I wait and see.

Me:  Okay.  Does the trailer make you more excited about the series?

Him:  What're you trying to do?

Me:  I'm trying to get answers out of you.

Him:  Honestly, what're you trying to do?

Me:  Ha!  I'm trying to get your reactions to the trailer.  Did you enjoy the trailer?

Him:  Sure.

Me:  Okay.  Right.  Great.  And are you excited about the new series of Doctor Who, then?

Him:  You've already asked me that.

Me:  I know, but I'm not sure I'm getting an answer.

Him:   Yeah.

Me:  Ha!  "Yeah."  That's your answer is it?  Okay, were there any bits in that-  What about the guitar?  Did you like the guitar?

Him:  Right, I don't have...  You know when you hold down the camera button on some of the later Apple products?

Me:  Uh huh.

Him:  And it takes twenty-four photos a second?

Me:  Yeah.

Him:  Unlike you, I can't do that, and save them all to my memory.  And then look at every single one individually.  

Me:  Okay.

Him:  'cause when you put on a trailer, I see you sitting there, just blinking your eyes repeatedly-

Me:  Ha!

Him:  snapsnapsnapsnapsnap snap  Taking every single second in as twenty-four photos and then sifting through them all going, "Yeah, what about that white Dalek?"

Me:  Well, in fairness, someone else pointed that out.  The guitar bit I noticed because it made me go, "Nrrrgggh."  I wasn't too pleased with the guitar bit, but then that's ridiculous because it's just a trailer.  Do you want to watch the Sherlock one?

Him:  No, I don't.

Me:  Okay.  So, I suppose it's goodnight from me and it's...

Him:  I wish it was goodnight.  You've just woken me up and this is not a good time to be waking up.  I could've slept for a few more hours. 

Me:  You couldn't have slept for a few more hours.  Civilisation would've come to an end!  You've been asleep for, like, forty hours.  Any longer and you'd be hibernating.

Him:  I haven't been asleep that long.

Me:  Yes, you have.  Comparatively.  I think you're growing.

Him:  I think you're growing.

Me:  Yeah, I am.  I'm definitely growing.  And on that bombshell!

1.  I haven't seen anyone point out that, with all the water and undersea bases and so on, it's obviously a hint that Fury the Deep's finally burrowed its way out of the BBC Canteen...  And, yes, that's what it's called.


Anonymous said...

Hope you're doing alright honey.
I was in the car, driving fast down the motorway, sunlight coming in through the open windows, Human League full volume on the stereo, the other day. You should have been there! x

Al said...

Me: That sounds brilliant! I'm guessing it was 'Dare', but I'm for 'Being Boiled' or - of course - 'Tom Baker'... We're muddling on quite nicely - been a while since we both popped up on a podcast to talk about Doctor Who, so that's been exciting.* Claws crossed, we might be doing the new Who Experience soon, so we'll be in the general area. If possible, we'll try and hook up for an ice-cream or something? All the best to y'all. x


Anonymous said...

It was the best of, Dylan loves it and can sing all of Electric Dreams. As we speak I am watching a documentary about Duran Duran on sky arts. I'm meant to be sleeping really.
Cool, definitely give me a shout if you're going to be around, I will come and meet you. We are on summer holiday so always up for something fun to do, it would be good to see you.

Al said...

Me: Excellent. I'll see what we can do...

Anonymous said...

Great! Don't forget there is a spare room and/or sofa here if you want to use them at all too. You're always welcome xx