Wednesday 5 August 2015

Top Geak the First

Life is nothing but surprises. Even our tragedies turn out different than we expect.

Lady and gentleman, here's something me and the Him're contributing to that you might well enjoy.  It covers a lot of stuff - including interviews with Colin Baker,1 Sylvester McCoy1 and Sophie Aldred1 - and the Top Geak team are all very lovely indeed.  Okay, I'm biased, but that doesn't mean I'm not right.  Top Geak's going to be monthly and it's not necessarily always going to be about what you expect, which won't cause you any lasting damage.  The Him's Thing involves game reviews and the current epipod's got the audio version of my Twilight of the Superhero 'lecture'.2

1.  Yup, that one.

2.  Very special thanks to everyone who's been lovely and helped promote the piece, especially PHRC for this.  x

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome, did you get much traffic/feedback from it? No one told me. Dylan picked you a birthday card the other day, just needs writing and posting now xxx