Thursday 23 November 2017

No Complications


Al said...

Ah, whoops.

I think I posted someone's Christmas card earlier without putting a stamp on it. I'd asked for First Class - but because it was the only one overseas the Post Office fellow told me it would cost 1.57BGP - I told him I didn't have enough cash on me, but he'd already put an Air Mail sticker on it by then. (I don't know if that affects the postage or not.)

When I got home to get the right money I couldn't find the envelope, so I *think* I posted it with all my other Christmas cards, but I can't be sure. If I have, I'm sorry, it was an accident.

Anyway. Merry Christmas to you, and I hope you have a really, really good 2018.

Much love you all, hope you're warm and safe.

Okay, that really *is* the last word from this blog.*

Thank you, and good night.


*We don't do that joke anymore.

Al said...

*GBP* Tch.