Saturday 1 September 2012

Dalek Tales: The Dalek That Time Forgot

History is but glorification of murderers and robbers.
- Karl Popper


Me:  It's tidying up Dalek history.

Him:  Cleverly.

Me:  Aye.  It's brave, too.

Him:  Hang on.  Activating what?

Me:  He said, 'Temporal shift'.  Tch.


It's Skaro.  1963.

Me:  Wow!


Me:  The shift to colour from black and white works well.  

Him:  It's got the butterfly net!


Me:  There's been a fair whack of research for this.

Him:  Maybe he just really likes the show.

Me:  I think that's a given.


Me:  This Lee Adams lad is good at the voices too.

Him:  What's with that Dalek's hat and - what's THAT?

Me:  Ha!

Him:  What was that?

Me:  It's a mystery solved.

Him:  But what was it?

Me:  Paul McGann...?

Praise be to Fritz.  Again.

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