Thursday 29 August 2013


Why do writers write?  Because it isn't there.
- Thomas Berger

It's always the journey, isn't it?  

The Ascent, however well-mapped and traversed is different for anyone who takes it on.  It was a bit of a shock to discover that there was another story - a hidden one - silently writing itself in the gaps of our compulsory Ascent log.  It's definitely there, growing like lichen in the badly-lit side crevasses we've nervously passed over; never, don't ever, look down.

And this is where I have to say that I don't know where they're coming from, what they want or what they mean.  I don't even know if I've caught all of them - maybe some have managed to escape into the wet space surrounding the tunnel vision of the Ascent.  At least one chunk had weebled a fair distance before I managed to pin it down with an ice-axe.  I'm not convinced that there won't be more of these strange growths.  I'll try and isolate them from the main body when I spot them.

For now, I've plopped all these accidental off-topic/off-road autobiographical moments into a single bucket.  Y'know, for your convenience.  

Yes, you and no-one else.  That's 'cause you're lovely.  

I think they're in the right order now, even if the dates seem to be wrong.

Thank you and-

Good luck. 

CHUNK 6:  #DoctorWhoLive

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