Friday 31 October 2014

Nightline (Choose Your Own Adventure variant)

The tunnel is cramped, damp and far too hot.  It smells of animal and straw.  You can hear a gentle shuffling in the darkness ahead of you.  Gripping the handle of your sword tighter, you move forward.  The tunnel opens out into a larger space, but you can't judge the size of it.  The sunlight barely reaches this far in and your eyes have yet to adjust.


You freeze.  Something spoke in the darkness.  Something big.


The bass notes set your ribs shimmering.  The dark is a thick furry musk overlaying a background bronze taste.  A high, stinging sweetness jabs deep in your nose.  Your eyes start watering and you blink faster.  You're breathing faster too.  Nodding grimly, you recognise the smell.


Honey.  It's honey. 

There's a sudden blinding light.  The Monster's been in front of you all the time.  Its slack maw gapes impossibly wide and it unleashes a foetid bellow.


There's never any cake.

Do you:

   Attempt to engage it in conversation?
   Hit it on the nose?
   Hit it in the stomach?
   Stamp on its foot?

   Run away?

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