Wednesday 20 November 2013

Coming Soon: Travers Tales (update)

Cover will differ from that advertised.
A two-dimensional being inside a square would be exactly in the same predicament that a man would be, if he were in a room with no opening on any side.  Now it would be possible for us to take up such a being from the inside of the square, and to set him down outside it.  A being to whom this had happened would find himself outside the place he had been confined in, and he would not have passed through any of the boundaries by which he was shut in.  The astonishment of such a being can only be imagined by comparing it to that which a man would feel, if he were suddenly to find himself outside a room in which he had been, without having passed through the windows, doors, chimney or any opening in the walls, ceiling or floor.
- C. Hinton, What is the Fourth Dimension? 

Some of you might have noticed the Travers Tales post earlier.  If not, never mind, here it is again.

Last year we planned to give you a Winter Special but it fell apart for reasons I won't go into right now because that's why we have introductions.  Over the last week and a bit I've been banging away at this, knocking the dents out and making it pretty.  It'll be here on Saturday at 1716.  Don't worry, I'll remind you.

Last week's #Whoniversary free gift was a bit of a dry run for this.  It's pretty chunky.  In the interests of fanning the flames of joy here're most of the contents.1

The Abominable Snowmen
'Review' - now remastered and remixed
Previously unescaped Episode 2 Commentingary (31'10")

The Web of Fear
The long-awaited (it says here) previously unescaped 'review' - digitally reconstructed from original documents
Remastered and remixed Episode 1 Commentingary (30'51")

Previously unescaped essay disguised as a 'review'
Exclusive Downtime 'podcast' (4'38")


Easter Egg (26'16")2

It's been fun and it's looking good.  Also, you might be wondering why it arrives at 1716 on Saturday - a whole minute later than you'd expect.  Well, there's a reason for that as well.

1. I'd tell you that it's got an Easter Egg but that'd spoil the surprise.2

2. Damn. Done it again.

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