Saturday 23 November 2013

#Whoniversary - An Unearthly Child Commentingary (remaster)

One measures a circle, beginning anywhere.
- Charles Fort

Well, we made it.  Fifty years to the minute since Doctor Who, the series, first appeared on TV.  Marvellous.  Fireworks.  Bunting.  Scarves and fezzes abound no doubt.

A year ago we tried to make a commentary.  It turned out to be more of a commentingary.  After a bit of radical spring-cleaning, here it is again.  Streamlined, remastered and spanking ready to go if you're going to celebrate the Whoniversary by watching the first episode of An Unearthly Child again.  Which you should really.  

Me and the Him are off into town to watch The Day of a Doctor in a car park disguised as a cinema, with hundreds of hooting strangers.  Report to follow.

While we're out, we've got some treats for you.  First off is this commentingary, which you can obtain simply by clicking on either of the links: as above, so below.  Also, we've got a repost of our 'review' of An Unearthly Child.  We were still finding our way - but be kind. 

And...  In another minute there'll be something else arriving.  The Travers Tales Winter Special that didn't arrive last year is on the way - and that's your Whoniversary present from us.

Wherever, whoever and whenever you are - Merry Whoniversary.  

You're damn cool and we love you to bits.

The Me and the Him

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