Sunday 24 November 2013

The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot

What’s the use of a good quote if you can’t change it?
- Colin Baker

Me:  Wow.  Just…  Wow.

Him:  I don’t know what to say.

Me:  That was superb.  What a treat.

Him:  Yeah.

Me:  I’m feeling worryingly upbeat at the moment. 

Him:  Right.  Any particular reason?

Me:  Just that…  I think we’ve been very lucky this weekend.  I can remember watching Dimensions in Time when it went out.

Him:  Did you think it was good as Dimensions in Time?

Me:  What, The Five-Ish Doctors?

Him:  Yeah.

Me:  I thought it was quite a bit better than Dimensions in Time.

Him:  Ha!

Me:  In fact…  Yeah.  Beautifully done.  What a treat.

Him:  Yup.

Me:  “Wik lint usal, Mr Davison.”

Him:  That’s not it.

Me:  No?

Him:  No.  It’s “usl”.  I’ll get the book.  Y’know, the book that you’re in.1

Me:  Um…

The Him hops off to the bookshelf.

Him:  It’s in Volume Two, yeah?

Me:  It…  Is.


Book:  flkflikkyflkflky-flk

Him:  “Dish of the Day.”  Got it.  “w-i-k-Capital I-n-t –u-s-u-l”.  The final l’s a capital.

Me:  Shall I just put a photo in?

Him:  If you like.

1.  I’ve got essays in both volumes of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made, but was luckily enough to write the Peter Davison tribute in Volume 2.  Still available from Miwk Publishing, chums…

"Dear Mister Christmas..."

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